7 Pet Names to Call Your Russian Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It is the one day per year when it is OK for journalists to bring out the good ol’ “From Russia with love” trope.
Should you reside in Russia, are in a connection with a Russian girl or perhaps need a break from your normal candies-and-cuddles routine, we are here to assist. So here are ten popular Russian pet names to try out on latest Tinder match, lover, wife or your girlfriend.

1. Ангел

As you may have guessed, this word translates as “angel.” Fair enough, you say? Well, we are only just getting started.

2. Солнышко

Pronounced solnishko, this really is still a reasonably tame one. The truth is, you happen to be telling your Valentine that she is sunlight or your sun. Which means you’ve got the seduction tune sorted out of tonight.

3.Мышка or Мышонок

Both mishka and mishonok mean the same: You’ve just called your significant other a rodent. Nevertheless, as long as you stick to “small mouse” and do not upgrade to “small rat,” all should be fine.

4. Крошка

Pronounced kroshka, this term has you right there in sugar-pumpkin-sweetums land: It Is how Russians call somebody “baby.” Just remember to gloss over the fact this word is generally associated with a spud that is certain -based restaurant chain.
5. Пчелка

5. Пчелка

Sticking together with the letter B for a bit, utilizing the term pchelka has you calling a woman your little bee. If this feels strange to you, remember that using “honey” as a term of endearment just isn’t that distinct.
And, in Russia, where lots of people consider honey a magical cure for various ailments, you can do worse than supplying it and buzzing along.

6. Золотце

Many languages have pet names based on calling somebody precious or valuable. In English, you’ve “beloved” or “my beloved,” in French, it is “ma chérie” as well as in Italian “mio tesoro.”
This Russian term, though, has its closest equivalent in the German “mein Goldstück”: zolotse is everything you utilize to call somebody a small piece of gold. So how are you doing there, nugget?
7. Лисичка

This one is useful for (but not limited to) girls together with the rarest of (natural) hair colors: If she’s a redhead, lisichka is the one to go for.


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